Thank You From LLUVDECA 2005

Dear Members
Let us apologise profusely for the long delay in informing you all about the Christmas Treat, well if anything went well, it was the treat. Mr. Davis has informed us that we issued approximately 250 bags consisting of: rice, flour, sugar, butter, cornmeal and washing soap.

We are so happy that with your (the association's) help we were able to give to so many people, I am sure they appreciated the gesture.
I have not gotten anything on the party, but you all were there and saw what happened. We all think that we should go back to our original Ball, we could drop the costof ticket, serve dinner and a fruit punch then there after they can buy whatever alcoholic drink they desire.

We will not allow the assocation to fail as long as we are alive and Wally will soon be back.

Let us say a big thank you to all the members of the Canadian Chapter and all the best for the year.

We appreciate your generous and continued support and look forward for bigger things in the new year
God bless you all richly.

Sandra Eastwood
/f/ Lluidas Vale development Community assocition