LLUDVECA Report on 2006 Christmas Treat
January 2007-01-15

Mr. Tim Escoffery
President, LVRDF

Dear Mr. Escoffery,
Re: Christmas Treat 2006

I would like to report that the annual Christmas treat took place on Thursday, December 21, 2006. The funds from your organisation was received on December 14th and the foodstuff bought on December 20th. The volunteers started working from 5pm on the 20th, putting together the items for delivery the following day.Included in the packages were; rice, flour, sugar, cornmeal, tinned sardine and mackerel, butter, lasco powdered milk and washing soap bars. In total about two hundred eighty nine (289) packages were packed. Two hundred fifty (250) contained all nine(9) items and the rest six(6)items. The eldest and the most needy got the full packages. After all collections and deliveries were made, amounting to two hundred seventy seven (277), the twelve (12) packages left, were used up to provide for the children at the Brassington basic school.
There were about twenty(20) volunteers. Some of the names are listed below.

Carrol Davis Valbert Page Walter Eastwood Lilieth Edwards
Christine Powell Lorna Allen Radcliffe Bailey Patrick Bennett
Tatrice Cato Sandra Eastwood Dawn Lewin Shelly Morgan
Arlene Thomas Jamiel Cotterell Janet Douglas Maxandra Richards
Eric Chambers Louise Gordon

It is a bit difficult though, to include the names of the recipients of the food packages, in this fashion, at this time.
I pause to mention that not every recipients' name was taken, some were just first names and some last names and some aliases. In future , however, we shall try to get every name in full, for the records.
Invoiced for foodstuff, is a total of ninety two thousand, three hundred fifty dollars ($92,350.00)
Snacks and refreshment for the volunteers amounted to approximately two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00)
A balance of one thousand one hundred forty nine dollars ($1,149) remain for return to you.
The project was well executed, except in the area of sensitizing the community early enough about the treat. That resulted in us doing more deliveries than we wanted to and is the main thing of note, but can be rectified in the future.
I receive many thanks everyday from numerous grateful recipients who bestow blessings on all concerned. This I regard as tremendous and I say unequivocally, that I believe the community is very pleased with the effort and wishes that it may continue.
I may be contacted at BEWALLIE@YAHOO.COM for any further queries that you may have.
I extend thanks to you and your organisation for your thoughtfulness and kindness once again and wish for you all the best for this year. God bless you.
Walter Eastwood
President (LLUVDECA)