2007 Christmas Treat

The annual treat was held on Saturday December 22, 2007 at the Brassington Memorial Hall of the Anglican Church. We started promptly at 10:00a.m. with a short ceremony giving God thanks and explaining to those present from whom the packages came. We received your donation of C$l,800.00 which amounted to J$122,184.00 on December 7, 2007, the goods were ordered from Mr. Carol Davis of Bargain Discount and he delivered them on Thursday December 20,2007. Volunteers were contacted and briefed before hand and they made themselves available on Friday the 21 to measure, wrap and package the foodstuff. We managed to reach our target of 250 bags for distribution. The volunteers did a great job and it showed in the efficient manner they performed on both days. They were commended by me personally and they were very pleased to have helped and promised to do so again should they be asked. On Saturday 22nd most of the packages were handed out and I can safely say with assuredness that this was the best treat ever. Everyone and everything worked well and for that we are happy on this end. Thanks again on behalf of all L1uidasVale may God continue to be with you all. Please note a list comprising some of the recipients, another list of the volunteers, refreshment and snacks >costs summary and a goods bill. Feel free to email Bewallie@yahoo.com for any questions or concerns. Volunteers for Treat 2007 are:  Radcliffe Bailey, Walter Eastwood, Lilieth Edwards, Eric Chambers. Janet Douglas, Shelly Rowe, Violet Poorman, Miss Maye, Miss Jamiel and

Hanif Eastwood.

Snacks totaling $2,740 purchased from Chin's grocery shop for both days to feed volunteers,

Goods purchansed $118,987.00, for a Grand Total $121,727.00.

Report provided by:  Mr. Walter Eastwood, Lluidas Vale, Jamaica