January3, 2014

Subject: Annual Christmas Treat

Sponsored by the Lluidas Vale Rehabilitation & Development Foundation (Toronto Canada Chapter)

The treat was done on December 22, 2013 at the Brassington Hall Basic School. Mr. Walter Eastwood received $98,000.00 ($1000.00 Cand.) and Mr. Carol Davis purchased and delivered the food items to the school. First, we sang, prayed and gave thanks to the LRDF organization of Toronto for their kindness and generosity at this time of the year. There were 14 volunteers who assisted with the packing and distribution. Also, there were four LVRDF members present to see how the project was conducted. Over 100 residents received treat packages.
Canvassing, Packing and distribution Volunteers:
Janet Jallum (Savannah)
Gloria Woolley (Barnes Pen)
Rose Allen (Dunfor)
Mavia Black (Cowbridge)
Louise Gordon (Down the Road, Camp to Tire).
Angella Mills
Yvonne Walker

In our estimation the distribution went as well as expected. Although, there were a few people who were left out, because for one reason or another, they could not get to the school. For example we did not have anyone to canvas the Union area. However, the news spread and some residents from Union came and received their packages. There were also a few people who did not qualify but received packages at the end, after the recipients on the list had received theirs. We knew they did not qualify but in our hearts we knew that they needed the food.
We want to sincerely thank the Toronto organization and its members for this annual treat. We hope that this will continue in the future as it is truly appreciated by the residents of the Village.

Mrs. Janet Jallum