President’s Report


We have completed another successful year in our organization. Again, our two major fundraising events were successful, our annual summer Picnic and our annual fall Dance. Both were well attended and supported by members their families and friends.

Some of our accomplishments for 2018

  • Our annual Christmas Treat for the elderly and shut-ins held in December before Christmas was well received.
  • According to the volunteers on the ground, some new hands were on deck again this year, 91 residents were given care packages of food this year. I understand that when the elderly residents were not coming to the school as early as was anticipated, one of the volunteer rode his bike in each lane to remind the residents of the distribution.
  • The fund raising, donations collected from members and well wishers for the Baptist Basic School that was destroyed by fire was successful; we raised over $2000.00. We were able to purchase a Fridge, Stove and Microwave oven for the School. These were shipped to the School with the assistance of “Food for the Poor” organization for which we are so grateful.
  • Through the efforts of our member Dr. Jordie Isen we were able to obtain a quantity of School furniture from the York Region District School Board. A trailer load of the donated school furniture was shipped and delivered to the three Basic Schools and the Primary School. Again many thanks to Food for the Poor organization, without their assistance and guidance this would not have come to fruition.
  •  We sponsored a deserving student to attend Charlie-mount high School. 
  •  We continue to support Herbie; Miss Imo’s Son, he is now resigned to Bed, but still holding onto life with one foot.
  •  We supported the FFP (Food for the Poor) fundraising brunch by way of monetary donation.
  •  We supported the Alliance of Jamaica Alumni Association (AJAA) student awards dinner.
  •  We supported The Mountain Industry organization, by purchasing tickets to their fundraising dance.
  •  We donated an appreciation plaque to Dr. Jordie Isen for his continued support to our organization over the years.

Again, thanks to our hardworking committee members and the support from the many donors, members and friends. The commitment and dedication to giving back to our community has not gone unnoticed.

Our organization will continue to support the Village its schools, community events and most importantly the people who are in need.

As President, It’s a privilege to serve our organization year after year. I remain passionate about our community of Lluidas Vale; it’s a pleasure to work with our dedicated committee members and the general members here in Toronto. It’s obvious to me, that our team is committed in giving back to our community, and through our organization we are doing our part.

Yours respectfully,

Tim Escoffery


About Us

Our Mission

The Lluidas Vale Rehabilitation & Development Foundation is a non-profit, non-denominational Organization developed by members of the Lluidas Vale Past Student Association to provide community assistance where needed.

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Membership is open to all past residents of Lluidas Vale who subscribe to the objectives of the Foundation.

The Foundation is operated without the purpose of gain for its members and any profits or donations to the Foundation shall be used in promoting its objectives.

Your membership fees go right back to the Lluidas Vale community who may consist of your family, friends, and schoolmates.

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Membership fees are $25 per year. 

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Summary of Financials (by year)


• Food for the Poor, assist with shipping of school furniture for the village ​​$700.00

• FFP fundraising ticket donation​​​​​​​$100.00

• Village student assistance to attend  Charlie mount High School ​​​$210.00

• Herbie assistance fund​​​​​​​​$210.00

• Donation to the AJAA graduate student award dinner​​​​$50.00

• Mount Dennis Baptist Church donation​​​​​​$50.00

• Materials purchased to pack furnitures for shipment to Lluidas Vale​​$220.65

• Mountain industry Assoc. fundraising dance tickets​​​​$120.00• Annual Christmas treat for elderly and shut-ins in the Village​​​$1000.00

• Kitchen appliances for the Baptist Basic School ( fire fund)​​​$1225.00

• Bereavement donation and flowers ​​​​​​$475.00

• Website hosting​​​​​​​​$690.00

• Appreciation plaque​​​​​​​​$122.90

Total ​​​​​​​​​​$5173.55 jamaica charitable organization


1. Herbie Fund $218.00
2. AJAA Membership & Insurance $500.00
3. Food For The Poor $ $100.0
4. Promotional T-Shirts $830.00
5. City Permit $173.00
6. Custom Fees $410.00
7. Website Hosting Fees $346.00
8. Mount Industry Support $200.00
9. MDB Church Donation $50.00
10. Shut-In Christmas Treat $1000.00
Total = $3827


 1. Christmas Treat  $1,000.00
2. Bereavement Gifts $200.00
3. Food For the poor/Mdb Church   $250.00
4. AJAA Membership & Insurance $480.00
5 Shipping & Custom charges $700.00
6. Herbie Fund $218.00
7. All Age School Luncheon Sponsorship (Rides) $145.00
Total = $2993 fundraising jamaica


  1. Christmas Treat  $1,030.00
2. Donation Food For the poor $350.00
3. Shipping & Custom charges $173.60
4. AJAA Membership & Insurance  $720.00
5. Bereavement Gifts $200.00
6. Donation Herbie/ Molly $378.50
7. Donation Mt. Industry Association/ Mdb Church $210.00
Total = $3062


 1. Christmas Treat  $1,030.00
2. Baptist Basic School (Perimeter Fence) $430.15
3. Herby/Miss Imo  $210.50
4. Shipping & Custom charges $305.00
5. Bereavement Gifts  $300.00
Total = $2275.65 

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