Executive Committee

Here's your list of the hard working folks at the helm:

President: Tim Escoffery timothycharles@rogers.com 

Vice President: Vacant

Treasurer: Carl Beharie cbre@rogers.com

Administrative Management/Media Relations


Michelle Kennedy/ Mychal Reeves  




Public/Media Relations:

Carl Francis shuki_07@hotmail.com 

Bobby Irons bobbydings@airpost.net
Fitz Williams 

Co-opted and Founding Members

  • Danny and Michelle Roberts
  • Howard and Joan Patterson
  • Barbara Thomas
  • Desrine Wilmot
  • Joy Irons
  • Michelle Kennedy

  • Olga Wray
  • Carl Francis
  • Derrick Comrie
  • Fitzy Williams 
  • Oswald Thomas
  • Sharon Mitchell-Kamara 
  • Tim Escoffery
  • Carmen Allison
  • Beverly (Thomas) Brown
  • Carl Beharie